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Welcome To Amaizing Trade LTD

Amaizing Trade LTD is a cryptocurrency investment company based in the United Kingdom,focused on the exchange and trade popular cryptocurrencies.



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Total Invested: $ 104045.51


Total Paid: $ 81899.35

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Welcome to Amaizing Trade LTD

Are you looking for best bitcoin investment or earning fast money work from home? We can help you by providing the necessary platform. The Amaizing Trade LTD is modern investment company from the UK. The company's business is closely related to trading activity in the multi-currency Forex market, as well as on the Stock Exchange. Our company also offers a big return investing in promising Fintech start-ups and digital currency known as Bitcoin. Currently, Amaizing Trade LTD is entering into a new phase of its development. Since we have begun to get stable and high profit we need new investment interactions. Read More

4% Hourly For 48 Hours (Instantly Withdraw)
Plan Spent Amount ($) Hourly Profit (%)
Plan 1 $5 - $300 2.30
Plan 2 $301 - $1000 2.50
Plan 3 $1001 - $2500 3.00
Plan 4 $2501 - $5000 4.00
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Name From To Commision (%)
Level A 1 40 3.00
Level B 41 80 4.00
Level C 81 150 5.00
Level D 151 300 7.50
Level E 301 and more 10.00

Our other levels referral bonuses (not depending on the number of referrals):
Level 2: 1.00%
Level 3: 0.50%

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Total deposited:$ 104045.51

Total withdraw:$ 81899.35

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